Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke to star in Pedro Almodóvar's Western film

Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke to star in Pedro Almodóvar’s Western film

Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke will star in Strange Way of Life (Extraña Forma de Vida, in the original title), a western film by Pedro Almodóvar. The project developed in secret by the renowned Spanish filmmaker will be a half-hour short film, scheduled to be released in August.

The actors will play Jake and Silva, a pair of former gunslingers who are reunited after 25 years. In a description revealed by Variety, the plot begins with Silva walking through the desert until he arrives at the place where Jake, who became sheriff, is.

Silva’s intention is to pay his old friend a pleasant visit, but Jake has a secret motive that has nothing to do with wanting to relive memories of when they were partners.

Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke to star in Pedro Almodóvar’s Western filmSource: Source: IMDb

“I won’t say more details so as not to reveal all the surprises present in the script,” Almodóvar told the site. In addition to Pascal and Hawke, the additional cast will be formed by Jason Fernández (Welcome to Eden), Manu Ríos (Elite), George Steane (Cruising), José Condessa (The Heiress), Pedro Casablanc (Parallel Mothers) and Sara Salámo (Everyone already knows).

According to the vehicle, the name of the film is inspired by the song “Estranha Forma de Vida”, by Portuguese artist Amália Rodrigues. The song “expresses feelings of anxiety, melancholy, longing and the difficulty of holding back the desires of the heart,” Collider recalled.

The recordings must go through Madrid, with main scenes in the deserts of Tabernas, in the city of Almería (southern Spain) – where more than 50 years ago it served as the location for the feature Three Men in Conflict, with Clint Eastwood.

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