Ms. Marvel: Kamala needs to control her powers in episode 2 (recap)

Ms. Marvel: Kamala needs to control her powers in episode 2 (recap)

This Wednesday (15), a new episode of Ms. Marvel became available on Disney+. The Marvel series showed the aftermath of the events seen in the premiere episode, as well as the training of Kamala Khan (Irma Vellani) to control her powers alongside Bruno (Matt Lintz). However, his doubts about Aisha’s bracelet become recurring.

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Ms. Marvel Introduces Kamala Khan’s New Crush

The so-called “The Crush” begins with Zoe’s (Laurel Marsden) consecration as a highly prestigious digital influencer after the Avengers convention, while Kamala was minimally recognized for her efforts during the cosplay contest. The young woman was even more confident to report her discomforts to schoolmates, as well as some teachers.

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Zoe, however, was calling the heroine who had previously saved her Nightlight, something that baffled Kamala and Bruno. In addition, she would throw a party over the weekend to celebrate her newfound followers, even inviting Kamran (Rish Shah), the newest student at the school. At the same time, Kamala trained with Bruno’s help and developed some of her skills, also discovering that her powers didn’t require the constant presence of Aisha’s bracelet.

Later, at the Mosque, Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) had her shoes stolen after a celebration and was thinking about running for president of the local council to change a few things. Obviously, Kamala was supportive and was realizing that this could be important to her friend. At home, the young woman was also allowed by her mother (Zenobia Shroff) to go to Zoe’s party.

At the time, Kamala and her friends grew closer to Kamran, who considered helping her new friend drive, given her history of driving disasters. In this way, the two ended up becoming considerably closer, including a later date at a coffee shop, in which Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) almost put everything to waste.

Uneasy about the assumptions about Aisha’s bracelet, Kamala tried to talk it over with her mother and grandmother, but was discouraged from finding out more details. Soon came Eid Mubarak day, a celebration of her community, in which Nakia began to campaign politically among those present. At this festivity, even Bruno had been invited. Even the boy was in doubt about accepting a scholarship at an institution in California.

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During Eid Mubarak, Kamala talked to some people looking for answers about Aisha, but found nothing. And when no one expected it, a boy who was taking pictures on top of the Mosque ended up having an accident. Kamala turned into a hero to save him, but still in a sloppy way, almost causing a bigger accident and catching the attention of those present.

Thus, the episode ends with a pursuit of the girl by the agents of the Department of Damage Control, who had already interrogated Zoe about AvengerCon. Kamala manages to be saved by Kamran in his car, but in the back seat was another person eager to meet the new heroine.

What will happen? Don’t miss the next episode!

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