Meta launches feature for creators to post NFTs on Facebook

Meta launches feature for creators to post NFTs on Facebook

According to information from the TechCrunch website, Meta confirmed the arrival of NFTs on Facebook and has already started selecting some creators to test the feature. For now, the novelty is only available in the United States and will allow users to post the non-fungible tokens on their profiles.

The social media giant started testing the possibility of NFTs on Instagram in May 2022, but it looks like Facebook won’t be left out.Source: Facebook/Twitter

NFTs will be displayed in a collectibles tab on Facebook and creators will also be able to post them as status updates where you can like, react and comment. According to the company, the feature will be carried out in a type of “slow launch” and, so far, has not confirmed when or if it will arrive for all users of the social network.

NFTs on Facebook and Instagram

Fortunately, Meta’s product manager, Navdeep Singh, posted some images on Twitter revealing what the NFTs integration interface on Facebook will look like — in fact, it looks similar to what’s available on Instagram.

As revealed by Decrypt, selected creators can link their digital cryptocurrency wallets to Facebook, and for now, the social network will only accept NFTs in Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) — soon, it will also support tokens in Solana (SOL). ) and Flow (FLOW).

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