Meta invests US$ 5 billion to guarantee stable elections

Meta invests US$ 5 billion to guarantee stable elections

Meta claimed to have invested more than US$ 5 billion (R$ 24.4 billion) to guarantee electoral stability in the world. Presented by the holding’s public policy manager, Priscila Couto, the initiative began in 2018, was adopted in 200 elections worldwide, and involves a team of 40,000 people.

The information was provided by the executive during the meeting “Digital Platforms and Political Parties: fighting disinformation as an instrument for promoting democracy”, promoted by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on Tuesday (7), in Brasília (DF). Representatives of the main big techs operating in the country were present.

According to the highest legal instance of the Electoral Justice in Brazil, the objective of the meeting was to “present good practices in the use of resources and functionalities of digital platforms, in addition to raising awareness of the rules and policies applicable to the electoral process and disinformation”, read fight against disinformation and fake news.

What does the Goal want?

Source: TSE/Twitter/Disclosure.Source: TSE/Twitter

Speaking at the meeting promoted by the TSE, the Meta manager informed that information traffic on the TSE website experienced a growth of 10% in the first two months of the year. According to Couto, more than 2.8 million pieces of content were published on Facebook with the theme of elections and electoral labels.

For her, the actions of Meta, which began in Brazil during the 2018 election, will not be restricted to electoral events, but should extend in the country “indefinitely”. The purpose of the Menlo Park giant is to be able to contribute to an improvement in the quality of public discourse, mediating harmful behavior directly on the social network.

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