Lightyear: first reactions indicate fantastic movie; check out!

Lightyear: first reactions indicate fantastic movie; check out!

Lightyear, a new film in Disney’s Toy Story franchise, with Chris Evans in the lead role, will debut in Brazilian theaters on June 16. But Buzz Lightyear has already garnered a legion of fans for his spin-off saga among critics and fans who have already seen the film in advance.

We’ve gathered the top impressions shared on the internet for you to read while you wait for the premiere. But first, take a look at the official production trailer!

The film is billed as a sci-fi epic, which introduces the world to the Buzz Lightyear that Andy loved, the one that inspired one of his favorite toys.

Lightyear’s trailers highlight the film’s time-travel plot, as Buzz accidentally finds himself 62 years in the future when he has to work with a new team of Star Command recruits and a robot cat named Sox.

Lightyear’s first reviews

Recently, the first reactions to Lightyear began to emerge online after members of the press attended the first screenings. It seems that not only did Lightyear live up to expectations, he exceeded them. There’s nothing but praise for Pixar’s sci-fi epic.

Many of those who have seen it are talking about the film’s stunning visual effects, claiming they are among the best ever made by Pixar. Others are focusing on the characters, saying they were impressed by Buzz’s charming transformation.

It looks like Pixar has another big hit on its hands, as everyone seems to agree that it’s a visually beautiful, fun and emotional journey. Evans earned high marks for his performance as Buzz, and Sox the robot cat is being touted as a standout almost unanimously.

Check out the posts below:

From another planet!

The PayOrWait reporter said the movie isn’t even from this planet. According to her, the story is funny and moving and made her relive her childhood. She also praised Evans and said that the Buzz and Sox duo steals the show.

She also reinforced, in the thread, the importance of black characters in animation, played by actresses Keke Palmer and Uzo Aduba.

We already have a favorite:


Ash Crossan made that very clear.

“Remember Star Wars”


According to Erik Davis of Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a Star Wars vibe. The reviewer highlighted the way the story is told and stated that he loved every second of it and recommends it!

Any sandwich issues?


According to critic Tessa Smith, the film, in addition to stunning visuals. It’s a unique epic. She highlighted – guess what, Sox! – Zurg’s surprises, Evans’ talent in the role of Buzz and said “you’ll never look at sandwiches the same again”.

Okay, we already understand that Sox is going to steal our hearts, but what else can we expect from the Toy Story spin-off? A very cinematic film, with great visual effects and state-of-the-art animation.

After launching several Disney movies directly on streaming, such as Soul, Luca and Red: Growing Up is a Beast, the company seems to be interested in returning to theaters in style.

Apparently, Lightyear was made to be watched on the biggest screen possible and marks the end of Pixar’s Disney+ era, with its films going back to being exclusive to theaters from now on.

Perhaps the success of Lightyear will influence Pixar to make spin-offs of other characters? Maybe Woody… Did someone say Sox?!

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