Lightyear banned in 14 countries for scene with gay couple

Lightyear banned in 14 countries for scene with gay couple

Last Monday (13), a source told Reuters that the giant Walt Disney was not authorized to show the animation Lightyear in at least 14 countries, in Asia and the Middle East. The reason for the veto would have been the presence of a scene with a homosexual couple that, even after requests for a cut by local authorities, was maintained by the American company – previously criticized for the lack of LGBTQIA+ representation in its productions.

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In the scene in question, a homosexual couple exchange a brief kiss – a gesture considered a crime in some regions of the Middle East. After the censorship was refused, the United Arab Emirates chose to veto the screening of the feature film, alleging a violation of media content standards in the country. Similarly, China and Qatar must not allow the work to be premiered in their territories.

Animation producer Galyn Susman defends the work’s integrity. “We’re not going to cut anything,” she says, “especially something as important as the loving and inspiring relationship that shows Buzz what he’s been missing out on by his choices.”

Controversial history and media backlash

While the Lightyear case is gaining a pretty progressive conclusion by Disney standards, its start may not be considered a smooth “takeoff.” The controversial scene, according to those responsible, would have been cut during the production of the film.

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However, Disney reportedly reinstated the excerpt after a joint statement from its employees, which accused it of censoring “openly gay affection” in its productions. Corroborating the case, the complaint was made in response to the silence of the US company about the anti-LGBTQIA+ “Don’t Say Gay” law, discussed in the state of Florida in March of this year.

Unsurprisingly, the change resulted in the film being canceled even in countries where its premiere was already confirmed – such as the United Arab Emirates. In Brazil, the animation has been on display since the beginning of this month.

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