Instagram Reels gets new time limit and more news

Instagram Reels gets new time limit and more news

Meta announced, this Thursday (2), the launch of new tools for creating videos in the Reels function. According to the company’s publication, over the next few weeks the giant will make available several new features both for Instagram (iOS and Android applications) and for Facebook (including the desktop version of the network).

In the case of Instagram Reels, there will be a new time limit for materials posted on the platform, which will go from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. In addition, creators will be able to interact with their audiences through some stickers, previously restricted to Stories.

A tool for importing their own audios will also be available to those who want to customize videos of at least five seconds on Instagram Reels, as well as a series of pre-defined templates, facilitating the generation of new content with simple import and editing of sound and image. . The news doesn’t stop here.

Instagram and Facebook Reels gain new creation and editing tools.Source: Goal/Disclosure

Facebook Reels gains browser support

Facebook Reels has not been left out of updates, although it maintains the 60-second limit. It is now possible to create, edit, publish and program videos in web browsers with Creator Studio – expanding the possibilities for testing new formats applied to long-form material (recorded or live).

Also in this sense, desktop cutting tools aimed at creating game content from live clips (with dual views for gameplay and the player’s camera) are part of the implementations.

Speaking of audio, Facebook Reels features voice overlay support for recordings, Sound Sync (which syncs video clips to the beat of the selected song), and a text-to-speech feature.

Finally, Meta has rolled out Reels video suggestions in Facebook Feed globally, and the company is expanding Reels on Watch in the same way. On Instagram, it is possible to recommend materials for the “neighboring network”. New insights, with metrics for reach, minutes viewed and average content viewing time will help people understand the behavior of those who follow them, the company promises.

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