Goal: Content creators will have more ways to make money

Goal: Content creators will have more ways to make money

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta is launching new ways to monetize content on its social networks. New features include a marketplace for Instagram and extra content production tools for Facebook.

In the words of the company’s CEO: “We’re moving towards a future where more people can do the creative work they love, and I want platforms like ours to play a role in making that happen.”

Instagram Creator Marketplace

The company is testing a place within Instagram where content creators can be discovered and paid for what they produce. There will be a “folder” for partnerships in Direct Messages, where producers and brands will be able to filter their offers and projects.

Unsurprisingly, this initiative is quite similar to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace. In it, brands can discover the main personalities of the infinite timeline “neighbor app” for their marketing campaigns.

Zuckerberg also announced that Meta is expanding its Instagram NFT test, which began last month, to more creators. Supported blockchains are Ethereum and Polygon, with Flow and Solana coming soon.

More benefits within Facebook

Meta is aggressively dedicating itself to surpassing TikTok. (Shutterstock)Source: Shutterstock

Another new feature is interoperable signatures. With them, fans who subscribe to other platforms will be able to receive access to exclusive features on Facebook, such as closed groups. Of course, the existence of these benefits will depend on each breeder.

Paid online events, fan subscriptions and badges will also remain free until 2024. The original plan was free until 2023, but this would be a way to delay any revenue sharing and “give more money directly to creators”.

Facebook Reels and Stars

Finally, Meta will “open up” the Facebook Reels Play Bonus program to more creators and allow those people to post their Instagram Reels on Facebook to monetize them there as well. Reels Play is a big part of the company’s plan to invest $1 billion in content creators.

Content producers who have at least 1,000 followers in the last 60 days will also be able to participate in Facebook Stars, i.e. “activate” paid virtual items that allow fans to express support for their favorite content producers by monetizing streams. This is also a way of “expanding existing forms of monetization on Meta’s platforms”.

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