Goal: canceled smartwatch would have dual camera; see photo

Goal: canceled smartwatch would have dual camera; see photo

Meta may have stopped development of a smartwatch with two cameras that would come to compete with smartwatches from Apple and Samsung, among other manufacturers. The information was released by Bloomberg on Thursday (9).

A source familiar with the project, developed at least two years ago, told the report that the Facebook owner faced some problems with the installation of photographic sensors in the wearable. One of the lenses would be in a small notch on the device’s screen and would serve for video calls.

The other would be installed on the back of the watch, requiring the user to take it off the wrist to record photos and videos, as shown in the prototype image obtained by the publication (below). And it was precisely this camera that caused the problem, with its presence affecting the functioning of the electromyography resource, capable of capturing nerve signals in the wrist.

Leaked prototype of the Meta smartwatch, which would have 5 MP and 12 MP resolution cameras.Source: Bloomberg/Reproduction

In addition to the cameras, which Apple is also thinking of adding to its gadget, the Meta smartwatch would have tools such as GPS, tracking of physical activities, connectivity to mobile networks and music playback, among other functions. Integration with WhatsApp and Instagram would be among the differentials.

Goal Clock would be released in 2023

Meta’s dual camera smartwatch, known internally by the codename Milan, would also have several features present in current smartwatches and would have a battery life of 18 hours. Big tech had plans to launch it in early 2023, priced at around US$349, the equivalent of R$1,700 at the daily rate.

In addition to the difficulties related to the installation of the cameras, the suspension of the project would also have been motivated by the company’s cost cuts. Despite this, the company continues to work on other wrist devices for use in the metaverse, which may receive some of the features of the discontinued device.

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