Galaxy S22+ review: the most balanced, but cost is still high

Galaxy S22+ review: the most balanced, but cost is still high

With the new Galaxy S22 lineup, Samsung has brought small and important upgrades to the “base” models. This is the case of the Galaxy S22+, which does not have a huge 100x zoom but delivers great performance, has competent cameras and a high quality screen.

prosBig screen and great qualityperformance to spareUpdates guaranteed by four versions of AndroidSame design, but straighter and easier to hold consAverage battery, though quick to chargeMight warm up a littleThe charger does not come in the boxprohibitive price

Of course, as with the S22 Ultra, the price is quite steep: here, it starts at around R$7,000. But, in addition to a high price, the S22+ makes two things very clear: it is a very competent cell phone that promises, in addition, to be durable. We’ve been testing the Galaxy S22+ over the past few days and let you know what we think of it in this review.


The Galaxy S22 line seems to us to be a more modest update, but with noticeable changes. Compared to the Galaxy S21+, the S22+ has the same look with three cameras on the back in a module that “joins” the side. It has three camera sensors in the region and an LED flash on the side, in addition to the brand’s logo discreetly inscribed on the frosted glass.

It features Gorilla Glass Victus+ on the screen and back, and aluminum on the bezel, promising to be a tough device. The S22+ is also IP68 certified against water and dust and has only the volume and on/off buttons on the right, in addition to the 5G mmWave antenna — on the left, it has only the cutouts for the other antennas.

One change that pleased the S22+ is that, in addition to the screen that is straight, its rear is also. The corners on the frame are still rounded, but the change makes it easier to hold. Still, it’s worth the warning: this one is a big phone and it can get slippery. If you prefer more ergonomics, go for the “normal” S22 as it is smaller.

The Galaxy S22+ is available in black, white, rose and green.

But, even compared to the S21+, the S22+ is also slightly smaller and thinner, which has more to do with two points: the more economical processor and, therefore, the smaller battery. But we’ll talk more about that in a little bit.

screen and sound

The Galaxy S22+ screen follows exactly the same line as the look and brings small changes, but that impact usability. Despite maintaining the same Full HD+ resolution in 6.6 inches of space, it is brighter and reaches the same peak 1,750 nits as the S22 Ultra. There’s also a single hole for the selfie camera and slim bezels, like on the last model.

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Samsung has been excelling in screens for a long time, and if in the last generation the component was already impressive, it continues to deliver a quality experience. Color reproduction is great, technologies like HDR10+ and HLG are supported, as well as viewing angles that don’t affect viewing.

Galaxy S22+ screen is big, comfortable and bright.

It has very strong contrast, which is very pleasing when watching movies or playing a game full of colors. And there is also the refresh rate that goes from 48 to 120 Hz, unlike the S22 Ultra that has a rate from 1 to 120 Hz.

With strong brightness, combined with technologies that adapt brightness and contrast, the S22+ has a screen with above-average quality both indoors and outdoors with strong sunlight.

It is also worth noting that it has the same ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen and that it works quickly and uniformly. The sound output, which is stereo, is located in a very discreet space at the top of the cell phone. Despite being small, combined with the main output at the bottom, we have a device that makes a lot of noise and without compromising sound quality.

performance and software

As a classic upgrade, the Galaxy S22+ brings cutting-edge specs. The entire line, here in Brazil, has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. It also has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of internal storage, which is not expandable via microSD.

As there is only the entry for the operator’s chip, it is important to choose the model well to suit your use. It also has the RAM Plus function, which allocates from 2GB to 8GB of virtual RAM from the storage. As with the S22 Ultra, it was difficult to find any kind of practical use to take advantage of the functionality.

That’s because the S22+ is a very strong cell phone that should work for a long time. It arrives with Android 12 and One UI 4.1. Samsung promises four Android updates and five years of support for security updates, which is a high standard for the industry. Thus, the device must be updated to Android 16 (unofficial name).

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Comparing to the S21+, it’s hard to find specific points where the S22+ stands out with a big advantage. As with the last generation, it is very fast for just about any task and performs solidly with heavier activities, such as gaming. During long periods of play, however, we saw the processor reach 43º in temperature, according to measurement tools. Nothing bothersome, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

The software, on the other hand, has well-known functions, such as wired or wireless DeX mode, the option to duplicate some apps and a tool to remove objects from photographs. It also has a few smart widgets, based on user information, in addition to the wallpaper that adapts to the cell phone’s color palette.

But, in addition to plenty of extra functions, Samsung’s software also comes with many pre-installed apps. This is the case with apps from Microsoft and the company itself.

As with the S22 Ultra, the S22+ has a new haptic vibration system. Basically, the phone’s vibration system is improved and has more regulation levels, allowing not only a more comfortable or intense adjustment for notifications, alarms and the like, but also for games and other actions. It’s a very nice detail of the device.


Compared to the S21+, the S22+ has a smaller battery, which the brand justifies with the more economical processor. Unlike the 4,800 mAh, the new model has 4,500 mAh. Unfortunately, the S22+ is not a reference cell phone when it comes to battery life.

With it, we were able to achieve a day of heavy use, but with no leftovers for the next day. It should also be noted that it is necessary to manage the use a little so that the cell phone exceeds 6 hours of screen on during an entire day.

On the other hand, a nice upgrade was the addition of Power Delivery 3.0 technology and support for 45W fast charging. Starting charging at 5% power, we reached 75% in 30 minutes and full charge was reached in 55 minutes. Leaving 0%, full charging is reached in 1h.

The stress and discharge test was also interesting. With streaming video content, it went from -5% to -6%, depending on the app. With games, it ranged from -7% to -10%, also depending on the title.

It is worth considering, however, that the S22+ does not have a charger in the box. During our tests, we used the Motorola Edge 30 Pro’s 68W charger.


The S22+’s cameras have a strong setup. The main one has 50 MP of resolution and is accompanied by the ultra-wide lens, 12 MP, and the 3x optical zoom camera with 10 MP. Of these, only the widest lens does not have optical image stabilization (OIS). On the front, the camera also has 10 MP.

Main Camera: Night Mode.Image1 of 18Main Camera: Night Mode.Image2 of 18Zoom 3x: Night Mode.Image3 of 18Selfie: Night Mode.Image4 of 18Selfie Enlarged: Night Mode.Image5 of 18Selfie Enlarged in Artificial Light Environment.Image6 of 18Selfie in an artificial light environment.Image7 of 18Main cameraImage8 of 18Wide angle lens.Image9 of 183x zoom.Image10 of 18X10X zoom.Image11 of 18X20X zoom.Image12 of 18X30X zoom.Image13 of 18Wide angle lens.Image14 of 18X camera .Image15 of 18Zoom 3x.Image16 of 18Main Camera.Image17 of 18Zoom 3x.Image18 of 18

A big bet by Samsung is night photography. In fact, the new line does a good job and manages to combine definition, good colors and good dynamic range in these conditions. But it is still possible to detect noise and even loss of definition in extreme scenarios, as well as distorted corners when we are close to objects or with the wide-angle lens.

The main sensor, however, pleases in almost all scenarios. It has larger pixels and combines them together that results in photos with lots of detail, vivid colors and a more natural blur effect. The software, however, still tends to smooth out some details, such as skin imperfections and even coloring.

Main camera: night mode.Picture1 of 13Wide angle lens: night mode.Picture2 of 13×3 zoom: night mode.Picture3 of 13Wide angle lens with night mode off.Picture4 of 13Wide angle lens with night mode on.Picture5 of 13Main camera: night mode Image6 of 13X3Zoom: Night mode.Image7 of 13Main camera.Image8 of 13Wide angle lens.Image9 of 13X3Zoom.Image10 of 13X10X Zoom.Image11 of 13X20X Zoom.Image12 of 13X30X Zoom.Image13 of 13

The most “ok” lens of the set is the wide-angle, which still does a good job — especially in good light conditions. His zoom has up to 30x range, being 3x lossless. And up to that limit, the photos look great, but then the result is quite damaged.

For those looking for a reliable device for photographs, the S22+ can certainly please. It doesn’t deliver the zoom further than the S22 Ultra, but it does bring functions that complement this software experience.

It is worth it?

Speaking specifically of the Galaxy S22 line, the S22 Ultra is the device that delivers the most consumer experiences. But it can also be too much for a lot of people, which makes the S22+ a more practical phone for more people, especially those looking for a big screen. Now, on the monetary issue, even though it is a very expensive device, the S22+ is the most suitable of this new generation.

Here in Brazil, the S22+ costs from R$7,000 to R$7,500. It is a competitive value for the iPhone 13, for example, although it directly alienates the consumer looking for a new top of the line Android. In these conditions, with the prices suggested by the brand, the ideal is really to wait for promotions and even for the natural price reduction of the product at retail.

Still, the S22+ offers a number of important features that make it stand out for the longevity promised by Samsung. In addition, considering the performance of the cell phone, it is easy to identify that it is a device that can be durable.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

see data sheet General Camera Chipset: Exynos 2200 (4nm) Operational system: Android 12, a 4.1 UI Battery Capacity: 4500 mAh Screen Size: 6.6 inches RAM memory: 8 GB Internal Storage: 128GB or 256GB Back camera: Frontal camera: 10 MP (f/2.2, 26mm, 1/3.24″, 1.22µm) Video:

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