Furiosa: Set photos reveal new film's vehicles; Look!

Furiosa: Set photos reveal new film’s vehicles; Look!

After the release of the synopsis of Furiosa, new photos from the set of the film have just revealed the vehicles that will be used in the production of the Mad Max franchise. Behind-the-scenes footage was posted to Twitter and taken in Australia, where director George Miller and his team are shooting the spin-off.

The photos show an armored car similar to the one driven by Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) in Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as motorcycles reminiscent of those piloted by Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and her allies in the previous production.

See the post with the new photos:

The spin-off Furiosa was announced by its director in July 2019, along with two more sequels to the franchise. The film entered post-production in 2020, with Anya Taylor-Joy replacing Charlize in the lead role.

Miller attributed the recasting of the cast to his dissatisfaction with the current anti-aging visuals, which he felt had not reached the level where Theron could convincingly portray his younger self. Anya Taylor-Joy will star opposite heartthrob Chris Hemsworth (Thor).

The actor confirmed that principal photography on Furiosa was officially underway in June 2022, when he shared a photo of one of the film’s clapperboards on Instagram.

“A new journey in the Mad Max saga begins,” Hemsworth wrote in the caption. The image also revealed the film’s new chrome logo, which was visible on the clapperboard.


It’s unclear how long filming for Furiosa should take place, but given the recording time for Mad Max: Fury Road, shooting should last at least six months.

While Hemsworth’s role has yet to be revealed, previous information indicates that the actor is playing the film’s villain, referred to as “Dr. Dementus” or simply “Dementus”.

An alleged casting call description for Dementus labels him as “incredibly handsome”: with “[um] angel face, marred by a deep forehead wound sewn together with shiny chrome clamps.” Well, Hemsworth “beats” the description of incredibly handsome, right? And the visual effects team can do the chrome clamps.

The hypothesis matches the new official synopsis for Furiosa, which in fact references the villain. Antagonist Immortan Joe will also be back – still without an interpreter of his young version confirmed. The villain must fight Dementus for control of Wasteland.

Furiosa is set to hit theaters on May 24, 2024.

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