Facebook strengthens guidelines to prevent fake reviews

Facebook strengthens guidelines to prevent fake reviews

Facebook has updated its user community feedback policy to prevent false reviews. Measures against these abusive comments had already been taken, but they were now recorded “more clearly”.

The new guidelines protect companies and entrepreneurs from excessively bad fake reviews that end up being a way to get refunds or other freebies. At the opposite extreme, “encouraged” feedback, that is, vague and extremely positive comments that companies may or may not pay to be made, will also be suppressed.

Other reviews subject to removal include those that have nothing to do with the business, contain graphic or inappropriate content, or are simply spam.

Facebook employees have been caught leaving fake reviews on the company’s products on Amazon.(Shutterstock)Source: Shutterstock

If Facebook’s feedback rules are violated, either by an ordinary person or an organization, the comment will be deleted, that user may be barred from accessing tags and product listings, or “any or all Meta products or features “Recurring, repeating cases could be their Facebook accounts suspended or banned.

Facebook relies on “automated technology and human reviewers to help ensure that all comments comply with policies before they are posted.” If the person who left the feedback feels that the Meta’s decision was incorrect, they can request another review. People and companies can also report a suspicious review.

The company says that “it may take some time for the various parts of our application engines to [do Facebook] learn how to apply the new standard correctly and consistently”.

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