Facebook groups will get channels and new sidebar

Facebook groups will get channels and new sidebar

The Facebook groups will have some new features, including a tool that will allow the creation of channels to host discussions on specific topics, according to the statement released by Meta on Tuesday (28). The new features are heavily inspired by platforms like Discord and also include a quick access sidebar.

Functioning as subgroups, channels in Facebook groups can be created by administrators to connect participants in “smaller, more informal environments”. There will be three formats available, such as community chat channels, for sending text messages and real-time discussions.

In the community audio channels, the idea is the same as in the previous chat, but with the sending of voice messages. The third option is community feed channels, designed for members to connect around more specific interests within a given theme.

New audio channels in Facebook groups.Source: Facebook/Disclosure

Admins will be able to manage channels in Facebook groups, releasing resources and deciding who can participate (all community members, invitees only, etc). The tool should be available in the coming months to the general public.

new sidebar

Thinking about different ways of organizing groups, Meta also announced a revamped sidebar, which allows you to quickly find communities. It will list all the groups you are a member of and the most recent activities that have taken place within them, such as conversations and unviewed posts.

New organization of groups.Source: Facebook/Disclosure

The user will also be able to pin their favorite communities to the top of the list, discover new groups and create their own, using the buttons at the bottom of the bar. In addition, groups will gain a new menu with events, stores and channels, improving connection with people who have the same interests.

These news are being tested with a small group of users, before being released to everyone on the social network.

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