Ezra Miller receives child restraining order

Ezra Miller receives child restraining order

As much as it may seem, the news is now new. Actor Ezra Miller has received an order from a Massachusetts court ordering him not to approach a 12-year-old non-binary child. The child’s family alleges that the star even threatened them with aggression.

The information was released this Thursday (16) by the Daily Beast website. The vehicle says that it had access to the judicial process that narrates how Miller’s threats to the family took place.

The situation would have started in early February of this year. The actor was on a ranch in Stamford, Vermont, which is located near the family home. He was with a musician friend and they were reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest and armed.

He and his friend would have argued with the family and a neighbor, and at one point in the conversation the actor would have started to harass the 12-year-old child. The minor himself revealed in the process that he felt uncomfortable and that Ezra even asked him to follow him on Instagram.

The Hollywood star harassed the family and child again on visits to the ranch in April, May and June.

missing actor

Although the Massachusetts Court granted the restraining order, Ezra Miller did not receive the court report. He has been missing for a few days and even published memes on social media saying that the police would not find him.

Last week, the Flash interpreter had already entered the spotlight of the news for a very similar case. A family accused the actor of drugging and even influencing a young girl to leave school.

Prior to that, he had already been arrested for allegedly throwing a chair at a woman and being arrested at a bar in Hawaii following charges of riot and assault.

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