Everything everywhere at the same time: actress comments on bruises in the movie scene

Everything everywhere at the same time: actress comments on bruises in the movie scene

In an interview with Variety, Michelle Yeoh, star of Everything, Everywhere at the Same Time, gave more details about the behind-the-scenes of the film. According to the interpreter of Evelyn, the costume in the universe of sausages gave a lot of headache behind the scenes and caused bruises in Jamie Lee Curtis, especially during the scenes in which their characters were lovingly involved.

According to A24 producers, the sausage costumes consisted of extensive and heavy silicone gloves that required a certain physical effort on the part of the entire cast inserted in the scenes. However, according to Yeoh, Curtis suffered the most from the pieces and had his body severely scarred during filming, as the actresses used about two or three extra pounds of weight per finger with their huge hot dog hands. .

“The hot dog scene is the most beautiful love story in this universe. We had these hot dog fingers. This is where I believe cinema is a complete collaboration on all different levels,” Yeoh said. “It’s never about one or two people or whatever. It’s a real collaboration. And when you work with someone like Jamie, we look at each other and say, ‘Let’s go for it’.”

(Source: A24 / Reproduction)Source: A24

“This is the scene where we’re doing it with our hot dog fingers, and these things are like hoses. They’re made to fit, but they’re made of silicone. The next day, she came back and she was covered in bruises and I I asked her if she had an accident. She had all these bruises on her thighs from just trying.”

Everything in Everywhere at the Same Time, A24’s most profitable movie in theaters, opens on June 23 in Brazil.

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