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Best Place For Trekking In Mumbai

There is a lot of Place For Trekking In Mumbai that offer a variety of services. Here is a list of the top 10 best Place For Trekking In Mumbai that you can choose from.

Which is the best trekking destination near Mumbai&Pune?

20 Best Trekking Destination Near Mumbai & Pune 1 Lohagad Fort 2 Purandar Fort 3 Tikona Fort 4 Rajmachi Trek 5 Korigad Trek 6 Mahuli Fort Trek 7 Sudhagad Fort Trek 8 Raireshwar Trek 9 Prabalgad Fort Trek 10 Raigad Fort More items...

What are some of the best trekking places in India?

Tungareshwar Trek, Mumbai A long trek of 18 kms, Tungareswar Trek, located in Vasai, is a must for those hoping to build stamina and strength for longer Himalayan treks. It is a challenging trek taken during the monsoon that is divided into three parts: 1st to the Shiva Temple, then on to the Balyaogi Ashram and then back to Vajreshwari Road.

How to plan a one day trek near Mumbai?

If you’re planning a one day trek near Mumbai, Korigad is the place for you. The famous hill fort in Lonavala is at an altitude of 3050 feet. The main attraction during this trek are two caves and two large ponds within. This is an ideal destination for certain adventurous couples who are seeking for thrill and quality time with each other.

Why should you visit Mumbai for trekking?

Mumbai also known as the gateway of India is nevertheless short of any other place in the country. It offers a wide range of places for one day treks and doing adventure activities. This article will surely guide you to choose the perfect trekking spot for you and your colleagues.

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